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6/15/2011 2:42 PM
Hello and welcome to our new forum where you can get all the answers to your questions! I want to stat off with telling you how to make a filter filter.
1. go to your DESKPAD on the right hand side you will see " tracked projects and filters" click there
2. hit "New filter search"
3. scroll down to the option of " filter"
4. Type in your keyword ( this is best used for very specific keywords like a manufacturer name or something like Color concrete that would not normally be listed in the spec index"
5. scroll down to bottom of page and hit " review search results"
6. one you see what jobs come up hit " Save search now" this will make it so you dont have to save your search again!
7. you should be back at your list of filters to open back up to see results ....simply double click on your filter so it reopens
Note: if you are a recent member with  us you need to be ignoring your daily e-mail and opening your filters manually until you are confident you have made enough to cover all you basis
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7/28/2011 10:49 AM
Why is is important to ignore the daily emails? Awesome now look to the plan room. Great answers for construction reporting needs.
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7/28/2011 12:12 PM
Ok, good question! Your dailey e-mails are just that.... a daily account of what is going on. They do not give you the full picture. For the first couple months be checking your filters at least weekly to look at your resulta. After you do this for a month or two you will compare the jobs you see in your filters to the full list of jobs. From there You will be able to tell if you are missing any projects.

 If you are missing projects... dig a bit deeper and see what filter you have not made that would have brought that job up. Make that filter and  you will see those types of projects come up!

* note you find all jobs by going to your "Deskpad" at top of page is " Project Menu" go to "Current Proejcts out for Bid"
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralSam Search FilterSam Search Filter

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